Tried and Tested

Continental Verticals.


Tyres can often be one of the most important upgrades on your bike. They can be expensive but you don’t have to shell out £30+ per wheel for something decent..


I’ve been riding year round on Continental Vertical 2.3 tyres for about 2 years now on various bikes and they are great for the money. The design has been around for a good while now and has stood the test of time.  They reminded me of Onza Porcupines from ‘back in the day’ when I first seen them. They work well in the mud and in the loose gravely ground, you can really feel them grip in off camber grass and loam. If you like to lean into your corners, when going fast, they do start to give/slide out a bit in the loose but there is plenty of warning and I have never washed out with them as they then tend to find traction. They don’t roll too bad on the road either. A great tyre for £11-£15 each for wire bead version.


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